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A Special Offer For Copywriter Insomniacs
Seeking A Better Night's Sleep!

As a fellow copywriter myself, I know the importance of optimizing sleep to optimize performance at the keyboard or to make the most of those muse visits that inspire your best work. With 15 years of experience helping more than 7,500 people sleep well to live a better life, I wrote a book to teach people what I teach in my clinical hypnosis practice. I've put together a private offer for Bob Bly's friends and colleagues. You'll find it attractive if solving your sleep issues is important and you need a little help. - Bob

"I've had some trouble getting good sleep for about 15 years and I Am Sleeping Now gave me excellent insight on how to switch my brain to the "off" position in the middle of the night. And gave me much additional perspective beyond what I already knew."

- Perry Marshall, Author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing and Evolution 2.0

DM Copywriter, Author, Clinical Hypnotist and Holistic Sleep Coach Bob Martel Shares Proven "Secrets" to Using Your "Hidden" Mind Power to Cure Insomnia and Sleep Well Without Dangerous Drugs!

If you struggle to get a good night's sleep or if your copywriting output sometimes feels like it falls far short of your best effort, lack of quality sleep may be that overlooked yet obvious X-factor that you are missing.

If this is you, then perhaps easily enjoying more ZZZ's will generate more $$$ into your life.

If sleep is an issue - my new book, I Am Sleeping Now: How to Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep, and Wake Up Refreshed, may be just what you need to consistently sleep well and help you bring your writing and your business to a new level.

Watch this short video - see the three questions below - and do one thing: grab the book and sleep better tonight.

Learn to Fall Asleep Fast
Fall BACK Asleep Fast!
Improve your writing
Meet all copywriting deadlines!
Be less grouchy!
Make more money!

So, let me ask you... have you ever turned in copy to your client that you just knew was sub-par and did not measure up to your own standards - all because you are simply exhausted from not getting enough sleep?

Three questions. Two Easy Steps. One Better Night's Sleep.

Do you believe that just ONE MORE hour of sleep each night bring your copywriting quality, creativity and productivity to new heights? (Yes!)
Do you think you can actually increase your perceived value to clients, help them enjoy better results, and put more money in your bank account simply by sleeping a little better each night? (Yes, again)
Do you find yourself zoning out mid-day, staring at the page, feeling like 'the creative muse' has left you and zombies have taken over your keyboard while your head bobs and you try to get back to writing what you usually write so well? (It happens to all of us!)

#1: Grab the book on Amazon

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Take Back Control of Your Sleep Now!

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Can you really write better copy by improving
the quality and quantity of your sleep?

When you order the book and sign up for the ZZZtips I will also share with you the secrets to a proper and truly beneficial POWER NAP. I'll teach you how to recharge and rejuvenate by using self hypnosis to take a restful
12-minute timeout. Power Naps are trending and business executives, entrepreneurs, and even writers are discovering how to give a boost and tap into the vast resources that help you nail it for the rest of the day!

Sleep Like

Rip Van Winkle!

Better Sleep Brings More Clarity, More Zest for Life, and It Sharpens The Creative Mind For Your Best Writing!

Thank you for taking a peek at my "how to sleep well again" offer. No hard selling. No fancy up sells, down sells or cross sells, just an offer to help you make a huge improvement if sleep is an issue. Writers like you, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and people from all walks of life are sleeping better using the advice in my book. I lay it all out for you. Grab a copy, get on my ZZZtips email list, and sign up for my 7-day sleep challenge via email (above).

Listen to The Introduction to I Am Sleeping Now!

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Need Immediate Sleep Coaching to Help You Fall or Stay Asleep?
Book a 45 - Minute Consultation with Bob - Only $149.00 (Normally $295.00)

In a 45-minute session together I can walk you through the I Am Sleeping Now method for a consistent good night's sleep. Includes a personalized paperback copy of the book.

Need A More Complete Support Program? Book the 5-Session Coaching Program for weekly coaching! Only $1295.00 (Normally $1895.00)

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