Focus inward to bring your best leadership self to life

By Bob Martel (Appeared in Worcester Business Journal, June 20, 2022)

Is there an area of your leadership skills that a part of you knows needs attention? Something perhaps buried deep in your subconscious mind, and it’s playing havoc with your effectiveness, maybe even keeping you up at night or, perhaps holding the company back? Are you looking for magical improvements in your own leadership style that command greater respect and love? Or maybe just greater effectiveness, forget the love part? Are you willing to examine the personal side of self to enjoy powerful breakthroughs?

The best leaders will admit the art and science of leadership is a life-long skills-building journey. Going on the requisite inner journey can be scary, and it can be transformational for those courageous enough. Mastering self-hypnosis helps a business leader to easily journey inward to examine the obstacles that can keep someone stuck and to help manage new challenges in this emerging hybrid work model.

All of the executive advice you read today touts the future of leadership will be in mastering the skills of managing hybrid teams. Maybe so, yet not much is said about the common internal obstacles holding the best-intended entrepreneurs and business leaders from realizing business goals due to leadership shortcomings. Sometimes we have deeply buried issues from childhood that have caused some issues holding us back today. They need to be addressed, and hypnosis is the most powerful tool for the task!

What is holding you back from bringing your best leadership self to your business? Maybe you know, but are unable to clear obstacles and roadblocks impeding personal, professional, and organizational progress. Perhaps you are unincumbered in leading others with absolute confidence and everything is rosy, yet the people you lead may have opposing opinions. When I work with business owners and growth-oriented leaders in the corporate world, I focus on the self-improvement areas revealed by the subconscious mind in hypnosis, from a leadership 360 assessment report, or from other feedback systems.

Are there issues deep in your subconscious mind perhaps from a childhood experience or part of your career holding you back from the success you envision? When addressed subconsciously, new opportunities emerge.

• The dreaded imposter syndrome: Are you sabotaged with self-doubt?

• Not good enough, undeserving of success: Says who? Parents?

• Fear of being judged: Time to live hypnotically and authentically.

• Desire to excel, personally and in the business: Upping the game, but no perfectionism.

• Workplace social anxiety: Being misinterpreted by your behavior?

• Conflict avoidance or delegation: Conflicts are opportunities. Seize the moment.

• Sleep: Revere it. Invite it. Condition self to sleep well again.

• Inability or unwillingness to delegate: Trust.

• Procrastination: Always rooted in a deep fear.

• Public speaking: Nobody died from speaking. Decide to master it.

Hypnosis helps blast through these issues. An entire book could be written on each point. For now, here’s an easy introductory self-hypnosis script you can use right now.

Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for five minutes. Get yourself comfortable and take 4-5 nice and slow but full belly breaths. Imagine relaxing every muscle in your body. Looking at the above list, pick the one that pertains to you, take 4-5 more breaths and relax. Close your eyes after you’ve memorized this paragraph. Touch your earlobe or make a circle with index finger and thumb, and say: Every day and in every way, I am better and better. Do this a few times and your mind will begin to serve up the reason you are held back.

Of course, there is much more to mastering your subconscious mindpower. Add this to your leadership development journey and stand by to amaze yourself. The beauty of using your powerful mind allows you to achieve rapid progress and reprogram your subconscious mind. Remember, energy flows where the attention goes.

Bob Martel is a professional coach and hypnotist at Positive Results Hypnosis in Holden. He helps business leaders up their game by better use of their own mind power. Bob can be reached at or