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Three BOOKs THAT YOU'll want in easy reach!

Rediscover How to Sleep Well to Live Well

Grab these books now if better sleep, a calmer mind, and better marketing decisions are among your goals.


I Am Sleeping Now: How to Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep and Wake Up Refreshed

This 'how to' book is actually a user manual for those struggling to sleep better and teaches the reader exactly how to condition the mind, strategies to break bad sleep habits and adopt a holistic approach that invites sleep to your bedside, when sleep is what's next. By learning the simple steps of self hypnosis, you will enjoy sleep mastery in a matter of a few days! The premise for I Am Sleeping Now: How to Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep and Wake Up Refreshed is based on one simple truth - that the only sleep device you need is the one located between the ears. Using the power of the subconscious mind, as the book teaches, you can take control of your mind and body and (re)train it to enter the sleep realm in a matter


Sleep like Rip Van Winkle

"This is amazingly simple. Bob teaches you all you need to know for sleep mastery. Soon you will sleep like a baby AGAIN. This book teaches you how to easily fall and stay asleep! Self hypnosis is the key!"

- Dr. Richard Nongard , Professional Hypnotist, Author and President of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotists



"I've had some trouble getting good sleep for about 15 years and I Am Sleeping Now gave me excellent insight on how to switch my brain to the "off" position in the middle of the night. And gave me much additional perspective beyond what I already knew."

- Perry Marshall, Author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing and Evolution 2.0




The Magic of Aesop: How to Use the Wisdom of Aesop's Fables to Spark Transformational Change

This book is a great tool - and a must have - for teachers, therapists and professional hypnotists, business leaders and writers, who influence with their words.

Aesop lives! His oral stories, never meant for children, can inspire transformational change in adults - and for inspiring innovative copywriting angles and influential story ideas for an savvy direct marketing copywriter!

Stories are about change and, as master storyteller James Hazlerig states in the foreword of this book, stories are fundamental to human experience. A good story lowers resistance to hearing an important message to be accepted by the subconscious mind, all toward affecting positive action. We have all been spellbound when a mesmerizing story captures our attention and we find the meaning for our own lives.

"Excellent Read!"




How to Create All of the Business You Can Handle!: Smart Marketing Strategies for Small Business

This book is a must read for any small business owner wanting to leverage the timeless truths of marketing, especially powerful for the growth-minded small business.

The world has certainly changed, and with the changes, the more things stay the same. It's a challenge to cost-effectively generate a new Now you can take control and chart your business destiny, using the marketing principles found in this book. Originally published in 2002, How to Create All of the Business You Can Handle offers a no-nonsense, easy to understand and apply strategic marketing plan based on principles that have been proven across a broad range of industries. Whether you run a small, growing enterprise or if you are a solo entrepreneur offering a product or professional service, you will find gems in this book that will make you believe you have found acres of diamonds right under your feet!

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