How can hypnosis and life coaching help you?

Discover Solutions: Hypnosis and Life Coaching with Bob Martel

From health to happiness, from habits to actions, hypnosis is a proven tool to help people create lasting change. Discover how hypnosis and coaching can help you.

Here Are The Awesome Benefits You Get If You Work with Bob Martel:

Rapid transformation and rapid success in your personal and business life. 

What change would make your life better?

People who coach with Bob report higher levels of personal satisfaction and lasting change. 
Improve your relationship with yourself, and with those who are important to you.
Learn skills that can be transformational and applied far beyond the sessions we have and into multiple areas of life. 

These are just some of the services offered

Take advantage of a new way of looking and problems and seeing solutions. Hypnosis and life coaching with Bob Martel

Better Sleep

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Overcoming Fears

As both a submarine navigator (USN) and current hot air balloon pilot, Bob knows firsthand how to conquer fears that have been holding you back.

Workplace Performance

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Stress & Anxiety

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Stop Smoking 

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Health and Happiness

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It's About Your Habits: Learn the seven ways to create habits that serve your purposes. Just tell me where to send your free guide:

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