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When you find a time on my calendar that works best for you, simply schedule it, and we will both receive an email notification about our appointment. All you have to do is accept the meeting invitation. If you have any difficulty, of course, please call the office at 508 481-8383 or (better) send an email to  The purpose of this call is to understand your intention, and how I may be able to help you realize what you seek. Rest assured, this is not an attempt to sell you anything like so many others attempt with a "free call". I choose my clients as carefully as you should choose a coach or professional hypnotist. So, get out your calendar and find a time to talk!

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As your coach, should we both decide we're a fit, I can guide you to new levels of success!

As your hypnotist, I can help you to quickly clear all obstacles or change any habit that may be holding you back from enjoying what you deserve!

With 14 years as professional hypnotist, life coach, and business coach, 13 years in international hi-tech marketing, and 8 years in the Navy's  Submarine Service, I can help you with both personal and professional goals. Our phone or Zoom consult can help you decide what steps to take to discover your greatest level of potential.

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It's About Your Habits: Learn the seven ways to create habits that serve your purposes. Just tell me where to send your free guide:

By the way... are you sleeping well? It's the essential first step toward greater excellence.
Sleeping well is the first key to living well. My book will teach you sleep mastery!

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