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Bob Martel Coach and Hypnotist

Bob Martel: Professional Hypnotist and Performance Coach

It's important that the person you bring in to help you achieve greater excellence brings experience and a track record of results with a 'can do' level of optimism that gives hope and confidence to what you seek.

Robert Martel is a Professional Clinical Hypnotist in private practice at Positive Results Hypnosis, in Holden, MA, which he founded in 2008. Bob is also a performance and confidence coach to business professionals and athletes who want to take their game, in business or in life, to the next level. He works in helping people move their life forward using the power of their intentions and self hypnosis to break through the obstacles holding them back. Bob brings more than 35 years of persuasion and influence strategies, having founded a direct marketing consulting group in 1992 where he specialized in direct marketing and copywriting, serving clients in numerous industries using hypnotic influence and persuasion techniques in their marketing to help clients profitably grow their business.

He provides clinical hypnosis services at his office and over the internet, serving clients worldwide. As America’s Leading Hypnotic Sleep Coach, Bob has worked with thousands of people to help them sleep better, enabling them to live a happier, more abundant and joyful life by using the power of their mind to connect with their God-given talents and gifts. He is a graduate of Northeastern University, and a veteran of the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Service. He is certified by the ICBCH as an NLP practitioner and Life Coach, and is an ICBCH and NGH-certified hypnosis instructor. He is also certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and is a certified ICBCH and NGH hypnosis instructor. Bob is a commercial hot air balloon pilot, and resides in Central Massachusetts.

Bob is available to speak to your organization, or to design and conduct customized seminars and workshops. Contact him directly at 508-481-8383 or by email at bob (at)


What About Bob?


Joined the US Navy at 17, destined to realize my dream of joining the Silent Service. I knew at 14 that  this was my destiny and enlisted during high school. Bootcamp in Orlando, electronics schools in San Diego and San Francisco, sub school and inertial navigation systems in Groton CT then off to the USS Pollack SSN 603 for more than four years. Hawaii, Guam, Hong Kong, Philippines, Tokyo (and a little classified Cold War work in the Pacific) made for a great adventure! Then, curriculum design and teaching at the Sub Base, and out of the service after 8 years at age 25! For a brief period, while onboard Pollack, I was the youngest First Class Petty Officer in COMSUBPAC, which was cool! Nominated for OCS but the service is a joint decision when married so I got out to start my next adventure... starting a career in high tech, and a family, too! Looking back on this adventure, I know that my visit to the Po Lin Monestary in Hong Kong and my visit to Buddha in Kamakura Japan introduced me to some mindfulness concepts that I use today. So grateful for my submarine experience! I still miss it!


My last boss at DEC said I was too entrepreneurial for the department - and for a corporate job. I redesigned the customer services pre-sales seminar business but did not use their old model. I used mine. The phone was ringing off the hook for wireless training after my direct mail piece landed on 3 million desks around the country. Apparently, I showed up the big boss with my new model so, as you might guess, I was one of the first to go in our division when layoffs were announced. They did me a favor. That very same day I started my marketing consulting business, JMB Marketing,  and had 3 checks in hand the following day, and off to the bank! Since then, I've been helping small businesses, for the most part, to grow their business using direct mail marketing, case studies email marketing, and using copy on the Internet as well for lead generation. Did some work for some bigger players such as ATT, Comcast, Honeywell. Landed a 13 year side gig as a business advice columnist for a regional paper, wrote my first book: How to Create All of the Business You Can Handle!


Landed at a great telecommunications company, Codex Corporation, a subsidiary of Motorola, to teach assembly language microprocessor programming, telecommunications, and after being trained by the Xerox inventors of local area networking out in Santa Clara, I taught Local Area Nedtwork technologies; a brand spanking new networking system that ultimately replaced most of the telecommunications over phone wires! Taught self-image psychology principles to manufacturing employees using licensed materials, to improve quality on the production floor in a program driven by the CEO, Arthur Carr, who believed that happier employees would be better employees. The Navy was a great place to learn about human behavior, but this experience led me on a journey for which I've been grateful since. I apply much of this work to both my writing, and with my coaching and clinical hypnosis clients.


After a few years of an annual PR and marketing assignment for the National Guild of Hypnotists convention, decided to reconnect with the experiences at CODEX twenty seven years earlier. With my certification as a Consulting Hypnotist, opened Positive Results Hypnosis to help people enjoy more abundance, joy and happiness in their lives by addressing what needed the attention of their subconscious mind. Every day is different as I help people from all walks of life lower their stress levels, manage and eliminate anxiety, and quite simply, take back control of their life!


Landing at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), teaching networks and communications to sales and marketing people, as well as designing C-level customer education and pre-sales  programs, and managing a group that conducted worldwide internal conferences (Network University) was a dream come true. Far East, Australia, Europe, Canada and the US meant lots of travel miles - and you could sell those miles in the 80s! Ah, but hi tech in 1992 saw a curtain call as the industry morphed and the DEC leadership team missed the boat on the PC market. Nobody was going to lay me off again! With three little ones to feed I started my own business and never looked back.


Believe it or not, the two fields in which I operate, direct marketing copywriter and professional hypnotist, blend extremely well. Both require strong influence and persuasion skills, one uses the written word, the other spoken, for the most part.

Life Coaching For Results

Now that you know a little about me, if you are ready to take back control, reconnect with your authentic self and make a lasting, powerful, positive change in your life... let's have a conversation. Take the next step and schedule a consult. Let's see if we are a fit!

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